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Welcome to Shenzhen Shunlian Electric Resistance Hardware Co., Ltd. - Servo Brake Resistance, Aluminum Shell Resistance, Brake Resistance: 15813728723

Technological Enterprises Concentrating on Brake Resistance

Since its establishment in 2006, the company has more than 300 employees and covers an area of more than 15,000 square meters. We are the trusted partner of our major customers, and we have a long-term cooperative relationship with the top 500 companies in the world, such as Taida Electrical Machinery, Anchuan Servo and so on.

Guangdong High Quality Brake Resistor Manufacturer

Main production: RXLG aluminium shell resistance characteristics: small size, high power, high precision characteristics, using professional process sealing, superior to similar products at home and abroad, preheating more robust, more temperature-resistant, moisture-resistant, high anti-vibration, explosion-proof advantages, can produce power: 5W-5000W, according to customer requirements to produce gold, red, silver and other different appearance colors and senseless high precision specifications, Applicable scope: testing aging power supply, frequency converter, servo motor, automation equipment, audio, frequency divider and harsh industrial control environment.

Complete products, customizable

Production of a full range of aluminum shell resistance, carbon film resistance, metal oxide film resistance, metal film resistance, brake brake brake resistance, power winding resistance, brake ripple resistance, high-power cement resistance, heater resistance, power-type aluminum shell resistance, milliohm (manganese-copper wire) resistance, aromatherapy heater resistance and other special resistance of very high and very low resistance value. Products are widely used in national defense construction, national key scientific research projects and railway, metallurgy, high and low voltage electrical, power supply, numerical control, instrumentation, household appliances and other industries.

Quality service, timely delivery

Shenzhen Shunlian Electric Power Resistance Hardware Co., Ltd. established 24-hour delivery rule. For the production of customers, our company has formulated a set of management methods. Small batch orders are delivered on the same day, large batch orders are delivered on the agreed time. Each responsible person makes a guarantee to let the company know the customer's time, ensure the delivery cycle, surpass the industry, constantly improve, and constantly improve productivity. Quality Service and Timely Delivery Ability as Company's Code

Quality Businessmen, Trustworthy

RXLG aluminium shell resistor replaces RX20 electronegative. The series of aluminium shell resistors have the characteristics of weather resistance, vibration resistance and easy heat dissipation. Compact installation is beneficial to mechanical protection, CNC lathe, frequency converter, server protection, and long service life in harsh industrial control environment. The product uses special high temperature resistant electronic ceramic parts as resistance matrix, which has high stability and heat conductivity. It is also filled with high insulating and non-flammable filler, which is tightly combined with resistance matrix, resistance wire and metal shell, and is isolated from the outside world. It not only ensures the full play of its electrical characteristics, but also greatly improves its service life.

Numerous outlets, professional services

Shenzhen Shunlian Electric Resistance Hardware Co., Ltd. currently has more than 30 service outlets all over China and Southeast Asian countries. If the company's products fail, users can dial the company's service hotline or contact the local special maintenance center. Technicians will identify the problem and remove the door-to-door maintenance service or telephone guidance. The company has set up a 7X24-hour after-sales service hotline to provide you with. The best after-sales service.

Shenzhen Shunlian Electric Resistance Hardware Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of research, development, design, production and sales of various types of high stability resistors. Its main products are wire-wound ceramic tube resistance series, wire-wound aluminum shell resistance series: RXLG aluminum shell resistance series, RX20 resistance series, gold aluminum shell series, etc. With its profound resistance technology, rich experience in the past 20 years, advanced production and testing equipment and rigorous process management, the company is committed to become a frequency converter, elevator, power supply, power, wind power, new energy vehicles, photovoltaic, wind power, rail transit, industrial transmission and other industries to provide customers with a variety of high-stability resistance integrated solutions and services, laying a solid foundation for brake resistance. 。

Shenzhen Shunlian Electric Resistance Hardware Co., Ltd. will continue to promote more environmental protection and energy-saving brake resistance, aluminum shell resistance, to promote the development of intelligent equipment, to make a little contribution to society.

We believe that with your concern and support and our tireless efforts, Shenzhen Shunlian Electric Resistance Hardware Co., Ltd. will be stepping into a brilliant future with you.

Company Name: Shenzhen Shunlian Power Resistance Hardware Co., Ltd.

Company Profile: Shenzhen Shunlian Electric Resistance Hardware Co., Ltd. is a technical enterprise with 20 years'production: Servo Brake Resistance, Cement Resistance, Brake Resistance, Resistance, Resistance Box, Winding Resistance, Frequency Converter Brake Resistance, Frequency Converter Special Brake Resistance, Gold Aluminum Shell Resistance, etc. Shipment service on time! Contact number: Liu Sheng: 15813728723!

Enterprise Record: Guangdong ICP Record 18153409

Company Address: Dongguan Branch: 3rd Floor of Chengda Industrial Zone, Dajing Street, Chang'an Town, Dongguan City/Shenzhen Headquarters: 210 Wanfeng Middle Road, Shajing Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen City

Company Tel: 18700554307 Contact Mobile: 15813728723 Contact: Mr. Liu

Shenzhen Shunlian Electric Resistance Hardware Co., Ltd.

Mailbox: liulingbin520@163.com

Shenzhen Headquarters: No. 210 Wanfeng Middle Road, Shajing Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen

Dongguan Branch: 3rd Floor, Chengda Industrial Zone, Dajing Street, Chang'an Town, Dongguan City

Name: Mr. Liu

Tel: 15813728723

Mobile phone: 18700554307

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Contact: Mr. Liu

Phone: 15813728723

Tel: 15813728723

Email: liulingbin520@163.com

Add: 3rd Floor, Chengda Industrial Zone, Dajing Street, Chang'an Town, Dongguan City

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